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Maytag Refrigerator

We repair Maytag refrigerators

Have you noticed that fresh produce in your fridge isn't keeping as long as it used to? Are you finding the drinks aren't as cold as usual? It's important to know that your fridge compartment should be kept below 5*C and the freezer below -18*C. We recommend set points of 2*C for fridge compartments and -20*C for freezer compartments.

Here are some ideas of things you can check to make sure your fridge is keeping at the right temperature. We hope you will find some of these tips handy.

  • Leaving a 5 cm clearance around the sides and back of cabinet for ventilation

  • Not over-filling the compartments is very important. If overloaded the door may not seal properly and this can cause an ice up!

  • A regular check of the door seals for any damages.

  • Keeping the covers and grills dust free to allow efficient cooling.

If you are experiencing any problems our qualified technicians are ready to help​

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