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Samsung Refrigerator Repairs

We can repair your Samsung refrigerator

Over the years we have repaired countless Samsung refrigerators.

So, what are some of the most common faults?

In our experience the most common fault with Samsung's refrigerators is an iced up evaporator!

The evaporator is an aluminum coil through which refrigerant gas flows and cools. Air passes over the coil to make your fridge and/or freezer cold.

When the evaporator ices up, the air can not pass over the coil. This means the compartment can no longer be cooled properly.

But it's a frost free fridge, so why is it freezing over?

This can happen when there is a fault with one of the many components that require a qualified professional to assess and repair. 
If your are experiencing any troubles, we are only a phone call away and we are ready to help with your fridge repair.

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